Mozcat 28 Sport Fishing



When it was decided that we need a bigger Cat suitable for out conditions we conducted an extensive search of models that were available and eventually ended up with the well proven 28 FT Butt Cat. These boats have been manufactured by the Butt family for many years and are well established as a reliable leader in this field. Marine Service LDA has since established a royalty arrangement with the Butt family in order that we may use their design and manufacture them here in Mozambique. To suit our environment there have been some changes made in the construction method but not the design the most significant is that no wood is used. There are a number of deck options being planned, with from a Cuddy cabin version, to simple work boats and walk around versions that should suit most applications.








Power 80 to 200 hp. Top speed with twin F115 4 stroke motors With 15 inch props 34 knots, With 17 inch props 36 knots Cruising speed 22 knots plus. Estimated fuel consumption when testing - average at cruising both motors. 9 litre per Kilometre and high speed 1.4 lt per kilometre.