Yamaha Marine Service Mozambique

KFX Workboats

The KFX platforms evolved from our established KINGFISHER and ALLY-GATOR Maxi Bow. This design is characterized by its Cathedral Hull and Deep-Vee Bow which results in an exceptionally stable platform, capable of running comfortably, and at speed, through choppy waters.

The concept was initially developed by Ian Gray and the T-Craft design team as a durable service tender to our Modcat and Legacy Cat platforms.

The design addresses frame spacing and hull strength variants which further optimize the boats ability to provide the ultimate in durable work-boat applications while the hulls are available in plate thicknesses which are specifically varied according to the client's operational requirements.

Being a Wet-Deck design the KFX workboats are suitable for Sea and Surf launch operations.

To obtain the highest commercial safety certification, the KFX's integral buoyancy cells were constructed to be impervious to most fuels and hydro-carbons and are classified as "life time buoyancy" by the materials supplier.

The benefits of this buoyancy medium is that it requires no maintenance during the normal service lifecycle of the hull, and that it will provide adequate lift to float the boat and motor in the unlikely event of the hull being catastrophically breached. Optional access doors can be incorporated into the side of the vessel.

The ability and performance of these hulls were immediately recognized and they can be found operating on both off-shore and in-shore waters in a diverse range of applications including Commercial diving, Man Overboard Rescue, Aquaculture, Fire, OPL, Rescue, Patrol and work-boat applications.


KFX 550

LOA: 5.5 metres
Beam: 2.1 metres
Deck space: 9.3 m²
Rated PAX: 10 @ 82.5kgs pp
Propulsion: 1 x 60 to 115 hp


KFX 710 Outboard

LOA: 7.1 metres
Beam: 2.5 metres
Deck space: 12.1 m²
Passenger capacity: 18 @ 82.5kgs pp
Propulsion: 2 x 50 hp to 200 hp


KFX 710 Inboard

LOA: 7.1 metres
Beam: 2.5 metres
Deck space: 12.1 m²
Passenger capacity: 18 @ 82.5kgs pp
Propulsion: Yanmar 33hp motor with ZF 88R Gearbox


SML 750 Workforce

LOA: 7.5 metres
Beam: 2.5 metres
Deck space: 12.1 m²
Passenger capacity: 20 @ 82.5kgs pp
Propulsion: 2 x 80 to 150hp Outboard Motors